Cromatografia generale

    Vials and Closures
  • MS Analyzed Vial Kits
  • Screw Top Vials and Closures
  • Crimp Top Vials
  • Certified Microvolume Inserts
  • Polypropylene Vials
  • Headspace Vials and Closures
  • Snap Top Vials and Closures
  • Specialty Vials and Closures
  • Storage Vials
  • Crimping and Decapping Tools
    Gas Management
  • Gas Purification Systems
  • In-Line Gas Traps
  • Flow Meters
  • Gas Leak Detector
  • Low Gas Alarm System
  • Regulators, Tubing and Accessories
  • Autosampler Syringes
  • Manual Syringes
    TC Autosampler Supplies
    Fittings and Tools
    Chemical Standards
    Integrators, Integrator Supplies and Cables

Preparazione del campione

    Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)
  • Bond Elut Plexa
  • Polymeric SPE
  • Silica-Based SPE
  • Inorganic SPE
  • Specialty SPE
  • Diatomaceous Earth Sorbents
  • Bulk SPE
  • Bond Elut Accessories
  • Disk SPE
  • Micro-volume SPE
    Captiva Filtration
    Sample Filtration

Ricambi per GC

    Parts and Supplies
  • GC General Supplies
  • GC Instrument Parts and Supplies
  • GC/MS Parts and Supplies
  • GC Parts and Supplies for Varian Instruments
    Agilent J&W GC and GC/MS Columns
  • Ultra Inert Columns
  • Guard Columns
  • Low-bleed GC/MS Columns
  • Polysiloxane Polymers Columns
  • Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) Columns
  • PLOT Columns
  • Special Application Columns
  • Packed GC Columns
  • Test Standards
  • Fused Silica Tubing
  • GC Column Troubleshooting and Maintenance
    Captiva Filtration
  • Environmental Applications
  • Foods, Flavors and Fragrance Applications
  • Industrial Chemical Applications
  • Life Science Applications
  • Petroleum Applications

Colonne GC

A legacy of confidence: The continuing story of Agilent J&W GC Columns
In 2000, Agilent Technologies, the inventor of low-bleed HP-5ms columns, merged with J&W Scientific, the creator of DB-5ms – the first GC stationary phase to use arylene technology for lower column bleed. Thanks to this partnership, you can find both the renowned HP and DB column families under the Agilent J&W name. And they're all brought to you by Agilent Technologies – a company with over 40 years of gas chromatography experience.

In 2010, a new chapter began with the addition of Varian, Inc.
This key acquisition enabled Agilent to expand its GC column portfolio to include three highly respected column families ...

Ricambi LC

    Parts and Supplies
  • Bio-inert Supplies
  • General Supplies
  • Pump Supplies
  • Autosampler Supplies
  • Fraction Collector Supplies
  • Valve Supplies
  • TCC Supplies
  • Detector Supplies
  • LC/MS Supplies
    LC and LC/MS Columns
  • HPLC Column Selection
  • Cartridge Column Systems
  • Columns for Analytical HPLC
  • Columns for Special Applications
  • Preparative HPLC Columns and Flash Chromatography
  • GPC/SEC Columns and Calibrants
  • Biosolutions and Columns for Biologic Characterization
    LC and LC/MS Troubleshooting
  • HPLC Troubleshooting
  • LC/MS Troubleshooting
    and LC/MS Applications
  • BioPharmaceutical Applications
  • Chemical/Industrial Applications
  • Environmental Applications
  • Food and Consumer Product Applications
  • Pharmaceutical Applications

Colonne LC

Column and Mobile Phase Guidelines: Reversed Phase
HPLC columns consist of two parts: the column chemistry and hardware. For the proper column chemistry, consult the catalog section for each type of bonded phase. For choosing column hardware and particle sizes, consult the section on column sizes and rapid separations, including Agilent ZORBAX Rapid Resolution HT, Solvent Saver, Capillary and PrepHT columns.

Pore Size Selection
Choose a column packing with small pore (60-120Å) if the solute molecular weight is less than about 5000. Otherwise, use column packing with the 300Å pore size.

Particle Size Selection
The typical particle size for HPLC columns is 5 μm with 3.5 μm and smaller now common in method development. If high-speed analyses or higher ...


    CE and CE/MS
  • CE Solutions Kits
  • CE and CE/MS Capillaries
  • Instrument Parts and Supplies
  • Troubleshooting


    Atomic Absorption
  • Hollow Cathode Lamps
  • Graphite Furnace Parts and Supplies
  • Programmable Sampler Dispenser Supplies
  • Burners and Nebulizers
  • SPS 3 Autosampler Supplies
  • SIPS 10/20 Supplies
  • Hydride Modules
  • Spray Chambers
  • Nebulizers
  • Torches
  • Tubing
  • Applications Kits
  • ICP-MS Maintenance Schedule
  • Gas Line Supplies
  • Sample Introduction Supplies
  • Interface Cones and Ion Lenses
  • Autosampler Supplies
  • Peripherals Supplies
    Atomic Spectroscopy Standards
  • AA and ICP-OES Standards
  • ICP-MS Standards

Spettroscopia molecolare

    Agilent 8453 UV-Vis Supplies
  • Cells and Cell Accessories
  • Tubing and Fittings
  • Instrument Parts and Supplies
  • Dissolution Testing Supplies
  • UV-Vis Standards & Reagents
    Agilent Cary UV-Vis & UV-Vis-NIR Supplies
  • Cuvettes and Flow Cells
  • Fiber Optic Probes
  • Polarizer and Depolarizer
  • Lamps and Detectors
  • Tubing and Reference Materials
    Agilent Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Supplies
  • Fast Filter Accessory
  • Cuvettes and Flow Cells
  • Microplates
  • Fiber Optic Probes and Couplers
  • Lamps
  • Standards and Reference Materials

Catalogo Crosslab

    CrossLab Selection Guide for GC Systems
  • CrossLab Product Introductions
  • CrossLab Supplies for Bruker, Varian* GC Systems
  • CrossLab Supplies for PerkinElmer GC Systems
  • CrossLab Supplies for Shimadzu GC Systems
  • CrossLab Supplies for Thermo Scientific GC Systems
  • CrossLab Supplies for CTC Analytics GC Autosamplers
  • CrossLab Inlet Septa
  • CrossLab Vials and Closures